Analyzer Software Packages

The lastest software version and - if there is one - newest beta release for our analyzers. Available as Windows and Linux installation package.


Certified Windows driver with 32 and 64 bit support for our analyzers and our USB to RS232/485 converters.
Linux includes an appropriate driver since kernel 2.4.0.


All up-to-date manuals for our products as PDF files.


The current leaflets for all our products as PDF files.

Programs + Tools

Free programs and tools for communicating, testing, developing and logging serial port applications. All running under Windows and Linux.

Applications + Documents

A range of applications and documents regarding serial communications, field-bus and protocol analysis.


CE declarations, certificates and technical reports of our products.

Protocol templates

Templates and (if available) compact introduction in all field-bus protocols supported by our analyzers.

Missing tools and programs

For purposes of better clarify we don't list programs and tools which are not supported by us anymore. But they are still here. If you search for e.g. wxTerm, libawx, libctb just input the name in the search field above.