Windows + Linux 

What is it?

luactb is an extended Lua script interpreter with special capabilities around serial port communication.

It comes with a ready-to-use non-blocking serial port module as well as other field-bus relevant functions.

All extensions are firmly integrated parts of luactb - no module loading necessary.

What can it do?

  • Running test procedures
  • Simulating protocol telegrams
  • Collecting device information
  • Converting measured values
  • Logging data
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Generating 9-Bit sequences
  • Serial Device Reverse-Engineering

What are the features?

  • No dependencies (single executable)
  • Fast and small (<600kB)
  • Built-in serial port module (class)
  • Same script code for Windows + Linux
  • Integrated Modbus checksum generator
  • Supports Mark/Space parity
  • Provides unusual baudrates
  • Base16 de/encoding (Modbus ASCII)

Further information

Learn more about Lua

Lua is one of the fastest scripting languages in the world and getting more and more popular.

Because of it’s small and simple design it is especially easy to learn. A good start to this amazing language is the Lua site.


Explore RS232/485 with Lua

luactb comes with a detailed manual covering all aspects around the serial port communication and more.

Read how you can enhance your serial port applications with luactb.

Download the manual