Available as single box + USB cable replacement

Usage & Benefits

The USB isolators effect a potential decoupling of all USB connections and separate the 'normal' PC system from the critical application.

Protection & security

They are the professional tools to avoid and fight ground loops and equalizing currents and to protect against overvoltage.

Certified quality

High isolating voltage and certification according to IEC60601-1 recommend the isolators also in sensitive applications.

Advanced Safety


IFTOOLS continues to take the USB isolation to the next safety level.

The ISOUSB-PLUS isolator series provides you with:

  • TÜV certification to the highest safety standard IEC 60601-1 Rev 3.2
  • Isolation 7500 Vdc 1 second, 5000 Vrms 1 minute
  • Robust shielded metal housing
  • High retention force connectors (box)

Datasheet & Leaflet

The Box

Unique high up to 7.5 kV isolation for data and energy to­geth­er with an unbeatable high working range recommend it for very sensitive and critical applications.

The Cable

Extra safe and easy usage. Just exchange the USB cable for the isolator cable — no further connections needed. Available with several connectors.


Led indicators

(Multi) coloured LEDs display the state of the USB connection.

Ready to use

OS independent!

No software or driver needed.

Overload proof

Don't worry if something is going wrong.

3 year warranty

Made in Germany.

14 day sale or return.

Isolator Applications

Medical Appliances

Fitness Machines

Industry Robots

Production Equipment

Industry Controllers

Audio Ground Breaking

Good to know

Certified against EN60601-1 Rev. 3.2 means the highest quality standards and reliability through selected components and best possible design. You should not expect less!

Medial & Fitness

Whenever a human is connected to a PC for medical or monitoring reasons you must take precautions that the person must never suffer harm due to possible or accidental defects. Safety first always applies!

Industry & sensitive applications

To protect control systems and PCs against power surge, voltage burst and ground loops caused by connected USB devices working in harsh environments.

Makers & Developers

For all people who develop, test or simply work with USB devices and want to avoid to damage their USB hub or, even worse, their PC just by accident.

Audio & Sound studios

Fighting buzzing and other unwanted noises coupled by connected Audio/Midi devices with own power supply forming a ground loop. The isolator Full Speed 12Mbps is sufficient for sample rates up to 96kHz/24bit.

And just in case...

Do not take any risk when you need to connect a used and possibly defective USB device with your irreplaceable PC. Especially in the service area. Always play it safe with the ISOUSB-PLUS isolator.


Transmission rates USB 1.1/2.0 compatible, full speed (12Mbit/s)
Isolation 7500 Vdc 1sec, 5000 Vrms 1 min, max. working range 250 Vrms
Transient protection ±15 kV according to IEC 61000-4-2
Certification IEC60601-1:2020 (Ed3.2), IEC60601-1-2:2015, CE, FCC, JIS T 0601-1:2017 (IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1:2012 + A2:2020)
Energy transfer Primary to secondary side max. 3W, efficiency about 85%, overload proof
Auxiliary voltage input no
Design Robust shielded metal housing with USB ports (box) or cable connectors (cable)
Connectors Box High retention force connectors, USB-Prim: Jack Type B, USB-Sec: Jack Type A
Connectors Cable Primary: USB Plug Type A, Secondary: USB Plug Type B
Environment 0-40°C (32-113°F) 20-90% humidity, non-condensing.
Dimension & Weight 96mm x 57mm x 18mm (length, width, height). Weight ca. 110g box, 220g cable
Scope of delivery Isolator, USB cable 2m with A and B plug connectors (only box version), detailed manual
Price 189 € without Tax
Available as
Sec: Std-A Socket
Prim: Std-B Socket

What type fits you best?

  • Highest safety standard
  • Low costs
  • Universal usage
  • Easy connectable

Good to know

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