CleverTerm / Changelog

CleverTerm ChangeLog

Please note that the changelog below applies to both Windows and Linux versions.

Version 3.0.2

03 July 2024

This is and intermediate bug fix release for Linux 32 and 64 bit users and does not effect Windows.

  • Linux only! In special circumstances CleverTerm applies an unusual bit rate like 100000 only after reopen (stop/start) the port a second time - fixed!

Version 3.0.1

28 June 2024

This is the first update for 3.0.0 including the following small bug fixes and improvements. All new features are described in the manual.

  • Editor font size was not applied and restored to other tabs - fixed!
  • Line number settings in the editor were not restored - fixed!
  • Support of bit rates up to 12 MBit for chips like FT232H.
  • F4 shortkey saves all open editor tabs in a rush (makes interactive coding with modules easier).
  • Copy and paste of data from the Hexdata View to the Input (send) window.
  • A double click on the telegram in the Telegram window shows the according start byte in the Hexdata window.
  • A double click on a data byte in the Hexdata window shows the according telegram in the Telegram window.

Version 3.0.0

27 May 2024

Version 3.0.0 introduces a completely rewritten CleverTerm which not only allows you to extend the program operation by own - so called - Lua hooks. It also provides a powerful Telegram View to display the sent and received data sequences according your (field-bus) protocol. An integrated signal plotter allows you to plot up to 8 signal graphs (data values). The plotter provides an auto-scale feature and scriptable axis labeling and can be embedded in your own data aquisition dialogs.

All CleverTerm windows are now individually positionable. This applies to the Hexdata view, the Telegram View, the Lua output console and the input window. You can hide unnecessary windows and reopen them again as you like. All changes are memorized when restarting the program again.

The Lua script handling was simplified and greatly improved. The editor becomes more powerful and offers now a sketch buffer to evaluate code snipets independent of the current script. Lua syntax errors are displayed immediately by jumping to the according line. This applies also to run time errors which occurs during the script execution.

Several new 'virtual' controls like Leds, Ledbars, digits enrich the design possibilities especially when writing complex GUIs for measurement data aquisition.

With version 3.0.0 CleverTerm comes with a graduate license model. All the functions you know from the earlier versions are still free. The more advanced features can be enabled by acquiring a license.

With the new CleverTerm you can (among many other things):

  • Write automatical test sequences
  • Intercept every single sent or received byte
  • Split the data stream in single telegrams
  • Send and process Modbus data sequences
  • Write your own measurement data aquisition
  • Validate all kind of checksums
  • Display telegram fields in a human readable fashion
  • Auto-Convert e.g. Modbus register values in any numbers
  • Plot values received by a serial port

Version 2.5.6

29 May 2022

This is the first official beta before the next major release 2.6 and introduces a lot of new features for testing. All improvements and features are well documented. We invite every CleverTerm user to try it out and give us some feedbacks what you miss and what we still can do better. First the list of bugfixes:

  • CleverTerm sometimes fails to abort a file transfer. This was fixed!
  • Linux: The Lua TextCtrl widget does not allow to input lower characters - fixed!
  • Automatical dialog update does not work when script path contains special characters (e.g. German Umlaute). This was corrected!
  • Lua dialog: SetValues does not work with Labels - fixed!
  • Correct wrong font in search/replace dialog.

And here a selection of the new features:

  • CleverTerm now automatically restores a former session.
  • Support of Linux desktop themes (e.g. full support of dark themes). This includes the editor.
  • Support of an external editor.
  • Label widget with bold font support.
  • A new program parameter allows the autostart of any dialog.
  • Easy script import by drag and drop a script into the editor.
  • Far better Lua error handling: CleverTerm shows every Lua error (also run-time errors) by open the editor, display the error message and put the cursor on the according line automatically.
  • Improved editor settings dialog with individual fonts, theme and special editor options.
  • Lua support of bpack and bunpack module.
  • A new debug window let you output debug messages in your script.
  • New Lua dialog widgets: Gauge, Slider, TextOutput (as logger).
  • A new Lua dialog Timer widget let you execute code/functions in any time intervals.
  • Lua dialog buttons with individual text and background colours (depends on desktop thema under Linux).
  • Intercept sent and received data in a special datahook function. This let you react on received data.
  • Send individual data in your dialog, for instance by clicking a button.
  • Manipulate the modem control lines (RTS/DTR) in your dialog, transmit breaks.
  • A new time module provides functions to pause your script (Wait or Sleep). This is especially helpful if you need to wait for a response without blocking the program and/or dialog.
  • Individual text colours for sent/received data bytes.
  • Colour rules not longer limited to a fixed colour list.
  • Colour rules with new direction (TxD/RxD) parameter.
  • All settings in the settings dialog are applied immediately.
  • Lua allows to write and import own modules.

Version 2.4.4

7 January 2021

A major bug in the windows version 2.4.3 caused a truncation of sent byte sequences. This concerns not only manually input data strings but also transmitted files. We recomment an update to 2.4.4.

  • Send sequences are cut off during transmission. This happens especially with lower baud rates and concerns only Windows OS - fixed!
  • Dialog scripts were not updated when installing a new version to keep user modifications. Now the script files are organized depending on the program version. An update gives the user always the newest script files without loosing own modifications.
  • Linux only: CleverTerm sends all characters in terminal mode in upper cases - This is fixed!
  • Windows: USB to serial converter of the type CP120X USB to UART Bridge was not detected by the program - fixed!
  • Windows: Improved hardware detection.
  • Write Multiple Coils function in Modbus dialog with wrong coil number index (starts with 0 instead of 1) - fixed!
  • Write Multiple Register in Modbus dialog produces wrong byte count - this is corrected!
  • Modbus Read/write Multiple Registers function completed.

Version 2.4.3

5 September 2020

  • Linux only: CleverTerm did not detect /dev/ttyACMx devices (for instance Arduino UNO) - This is fixed!
  • Linux only: Fix note properly shown or missed device information in the serial port/device selector.
  • Keep the received/sent data and error numbers when the device is closed (stop connection). Data and error counter are now reseted/cleared only when reopen a device (start connection).

Version 2.4.2

17 August 2020

  • Linux only: CleverTerm does not start caused by a broken link to the provided and - fixed!

Version 2.4.1

21 January 2020

  • Last COM port settings are not restored when restart CleverTerm (only Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10). Fixed!

Version 2.4.0

22 October 2019

  • Use Lua 5.2.4 to provide among others defining binary strings in a C/C++ way like "\x01\x02\0xFF".
  • Add a send button to send the last input just by click
  • Reduce CPU last when idle
  • Use the common OS place (local user data) to store the dialogs instead of a folder under the installation direcory.
  • Truncate very long telegrams in the telegram window by an adjustable limit to avoid a slow down of the GUI.
  • Improve the managing of the dialog scripts in the Lua scripts dialog by adding buttons to add, delete, edit, save and load scripts directly.
  • Add a random data script to send random sequences of a predefined length.

Version 2.2.0

31 January 2019

  • Only Windows! Modbus dialog: Convertion fo 16 bit input (e.g. starting address of Read Input Register) into sending hex sequence was wrong - fixed!

5 November 2018

  • Add support for the special field-bus baud rates 1.5Mbps, 2Mbps and 3Mbps (used by Profibus applications).

Version 2.1.2

17 July 2017

  • Open new CleverTerm entry in Linux start icon
  • Fix wrong checksum calculation (only Windows) in modbus.lua script

Version 2.1.1

5 December 2016

  • Sending files under Windows: Only files with plain ASCII characters in their name/path were handled correctly - fixed!

Version 2.1.0

22 September 2016

  • Add save received data functionality
  • Ask user to create a dialogs folder when outside installation dir
  • Create default script when dialogs dir is empty.

Version 2.0.0

17 August 2016

  • First official Release.