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Analyzer Changelog

Please note that the changelog below applies to both Windows and Linux versions.

Version 7.0.4

06 June 2023

An error in the firmware of version 7.0.1/2 causes a missing byte in rare cases. We therefore highly recommend to update to version 7.0.4.

In addition, the following bugs have been fixed and improvements added:

  • General: Fix an issue when working with WebEx (Shared Log Error)
  • General: The Master link state is now stored between session
  • General: The 5V/50mA state of IO1/2 was not restored automatically (only MSB-RS485-PLUS) - this is corrected
  • Command Line API: The msb_trigger Finalize() function was called only for one trigger instance - fixed
  • Command Line API: Fix suspicious time delay with parameter -D
  • Templates: Replace all older bit32 calls in the templates with the native Lua bit operators
  • Modbus: Replace the older Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU templates with the new Modbus template (supporting both).
  • Modbus: Fix issue with ASCII mode.
  • 3964(R): Unite 3964 and 3964R (type or BCC and S5 header optional selectable via dialog)
  • SMA-Net: Fix negative PktCnd and add filter dialog
  • P-Net: Fix not correctly working master sync filter and add optional display of addressing type
  • Smith Meter Protocol: Add filter for address input and invalid checksums
  • MOVILINK: Fix error when received telegram data is incomplete
  • Manual: Fix several issues in the manuals

Version 7.0.2

28 April 2023

Add latest Microsoft Windows ® WHQL certified FTDI driver for Windows 11.

Version 7.0.1

24 February 2023

Makes your analyzer ready for Manchester transmissions!
With this release the analyzer is now able to record and analyze synchron Manchester transmissions too (first featured in beta 6.1.7). Supported Manchester types are: Manchester I, II and the Differential Manchester T0 and T1. Manchester transmissions are also provided via the command line API. As usual we describe all new features regarding the analysing of Manchester transmissions in detail in the manual.

Furthermore! The new release introduces a completly rewritten telegram filter designed for the ProtocolView (featured in beta 6.1.2). Gone are the times where you must use the inflexible and cumbersome REMOVED return value in the split() function. Also gone are the times where you have to consider the end of a telegram before you can remove it too.

The new filter mechanism is compatible with older templates. It provides you with an optional function which is called every time a telegram sequences was finished. In it you can access the last received but also former telegram sequences and remove one or even a range of telegrams. All that without racking your brains about the completeness of the testing telegram.

With the new design you can easily realize filters for telegrams with an invalid checksum, show only the transmission from and to a certain bus participant, filter register accesses (e.g. with Modbus) and a lot more.

In combination with the already existing dialog feature you can create protocol filter and setup dialogs for every kind of transmission. The new version supports you with a lot of examples and describe the new features in an extended manual.

And! The analyzer software now uses Lua 5.3 and provides you with the long demanded bitwise operators. The bit32 module is still supported but obsolete.

All changes since the last release 6.0.3 in detail:

  • General: Support of Manchester transmissions.
  • General: New bitset module written in Lua provides you with a way to manipulate, test, flip store and restore up to 32 bit values.
  • General: Fix not working debug output of boolean values in DataView, ProtocolView and editor scratch buffer.
  • General: New firmware with a lot of general improvements and small bug corrections for all analyzer types.
  • Control Program: Add missing recent file menu.
  • Lua: Support of new (Lua 5.3) bitwise operators (bit32 module is obsolete).
  • Lua: string.pack and string.unpack replaces bpack and bunpack.
  • DataView: Fix issue with default (Desktop) export path under Linux.
  • DataView: Search time distance results in a false positive for the very first byte - corrected!
  • DataView: Fix wrong enabled match order in find delay when open first with single Data A or B.
  • DataView: Limit Lua module path to analyzer software path.
  • DataView: Fix crash with not initialized view mode.
  • EventView: Fix watch error when search time is greater as record time.
  • ProtocolView: Support of Smith Meter Protocol with example.
  • ProtocolView: Fix wrong register display in Modbus function 16 caused by incorrect offset.
  • ProtocolView: New filter mechanism makes filtering or hiding of certain telegrams a lot easier.
  • ProtocolView: New supported protocols: Executive (vending machine), MOVILINK, NMEA.
  • ProtocolView: Modbus protocol template with setup and filter dialog (filter device/register accesses, invalid checksums and more).
  • ProtocolView: P-Net template with new setup/filter dialog (show/hide master syncs, filter net segment and gateway transmissions).
  • ProtocolView: Add setup/filter dialog to SAE-J1922 template (filter message id transmissions, show invalid checksums,...).
  • ProtocolView: In USS template replace old filter mechanism with new filter dialog.
  • ProtocolView: Greatly improved MDB/ICP protocol template with new filter dialog (hide/show selectable vendor machine parts like coin changer, bill validator, ...).
  • ProtocolView: Improved SSI template with extensive setup dialog. Support of binary and grey mode with various value and error bit widths.
  • ProtocolView: Switching the template sometimes mixed widgets variables stored by SaveSettings() in the according record ini files - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: TextCtrl widget ignores datalen parameter - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: TextCtrl widget callback was not called when delete last remaining character - this was corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Better readable display of the optional time distance between the telegrams.
  • ProtocolView: Limit Lua module path to analyzer software path.
  • ProtocolView: A selected widgets TextCtrl input was not deleted when input a new character/string - corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Add widgets.clear() function to remove all dialog elements and to provide an easy way to create dialogs with several tabs (multi-page dialogs)
  • SignalView: Improved operation of the signal ruler dialog.
  • SignalView: Smaller bugfixes for the data display in SSI transmissions.
  • SignalView: Add missing function to shift signal by 10 pixel via mouse wheel.
  • SignalView: No signal update when resizing the window (full screen) - fixed!
  • Manual: Additional chapters describe the new filter design and how to write your own Lua modules. Also a lot of improvements and corrections.
  • Manual: Detail description about the analysis of Manchester transmissions and the protocol itself.

Version 6.0.3

24 May 2022

Analyzers older than 10 years were initialized with a higher time resolution (factor 100x) as supported. This leads among other things to wrong bit width times. For instance: A 19200 bit width was measured as 520ns instead of 52µs. This applies for both, the GUI and command line tools. The affected analyzers are always recognized as MSB-B and not MSB-RSxxx in the control program window frame.

If your analyzer is detected as a MSB-B type, please update. New analyzer as well as the PLUS series are not concerned.

Version 6.0.2

18 May 2022

This is a pure error update and corrects mainly some bugs in the ProtocolView. We recommend to update all older versions with this one.

  • ProtocolView: Add address/function filter in Modbus template
  • ProtocolView: A call of config.setmaxop(...) blocks the execution of a specified setup dialog - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: Templates with CRLF end of lines sometimes slows the execution - also corrected!
  • ProtocolView: On Windows the vertical scrollbar is only visible (and accessable) after resizing the view - this was corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Moving the mouse pointer over the open template selection list leads to unexpected template switches - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: Template selector remains empty when abort the selection even if the current template is still selected - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: Suppress output of the info field as long as not enough data is available.
  • DataView: Navigate the data now works with the number block too.
  • SignalView: In some rare cases the signal view becomes inoperable at the record end (causes by a event time overruns the record time) - fixed!

Version 6.0.1

9 December 2021

The MSB PLUS analyzer series hardware was developed from the beginning to handle synchronous bus systems. With this version we not only introduce the new MSB-RS232-PLUS we also start with the the support of the first synchronous bus: SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface). The new version allows the analysis of SSI transmissions with the data encoded either as binary or gray code. An integrated SSI scanner let you detect/check the SSI parameters, timing and certain error conditions of the connected bus.

Also new: The ability to create individual protocol setting dialogs as part of the protocol template. For example to change certain protocol parameters in an easy way and without editing the code any longer. We demonstrate this new and out-standing feature in a new Modbus template replacing the former two Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII . All Modbus relevant parameters like Interframe-Idle-Time, register display in Modicon convention or not, ASCII or RTU transmission and more are simply selectable in the new Modbus dialog provided by the template itself.

The new features and improvements in detail:

  • Support of SSI bus systems!
  • Higher accuracy and stability of the clock source for precise bit rate measuring and generating and for increased sampling precision.
  • Reducing of time deviation of long term recording.
  • Templates with GUI support (individual dialogs).
  • Improved analyzer data processing and GUI reaction.
  • Easy script import via drag and drop in all Views with Lua support.
  • Control Program: Add copy serial number to the clipboard item in the help menu.
  • ProtocolView: Extended goto dialog let you input either the telegram number or the telegram time.
  • ProtocolView: New function telegram.geterror() allows to query telegram data bytes for errors like frame, parity or break.
  • ProtocolView: Transparent telegrams (boxes with alpha channel support).
  • ProtocolView: New Colour module to modify the saturation, brightness and hue of a given (box) colour.
  • ProtocolView: Specifying a fixed box width in numbers of 'M' characters which is independent of the font size (and therefore the zooming factor).
  • ScriptEditor: Remembers all open tabs between sessions.
  • ScriptEditor: New Shortkeys to close a single or all open script windows (tabs).
  • Lua: Support of os.getenv, os.rename, os.remove and os.tmpname.
  • Command Line API: msb_trigger with new parameter --pass-through to collect any information about the transmitted data or telegrams in an additional file without affecting the record.

All relevant bugfixes since version 5.0.11:

  • Control Program: Drag and drop a project file does not load the according record - this is corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Fix save/load issues when file path contains white spaces or non-ascii characters.
  • ProtocolView: Fix of some export errors (missing convert module, wrong text colours).

Version 5.0.11

5 July 2021

Port back several bugfixes and improvements from the 5.1.x beta branch.

  • Control Program: When open the application data directory in the file menu the file dialog sometimes shows a different folder - only Windows and corrected!
  • Control Program: Drag and drop a project file does not load the according record - this is corrected!
  • DataView: Easy script import via drag and drop.
  • Editor: Remembers all open tabs between sessions.
  • Editor: Open Template directory shows a different folder (only Windows) - fixed!
  • Editor: Add 'Save as copy...' for an easy script export.
  • EventView: CSV export suppressed leading zeros in the decial places - fixed!
  • EventView: CSV export file write error with pathes containing non ASCII characters (like German Umlaute) - corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Easy script import via drag and drop.
  • Command Line API: Record bit rate provided by the transmission module in the msb_trigger tool returns always 115200 - this was corrected!

Version 5.0.10

12 May 2021

  • Control Program: Fix several issues with protocol scanner.
  • Control Program: Default settings are always loaded even when when passing a record or project file - this was corrected!
  • Control Program: Add an check for updates item in the help menu.
  • ScriptEditor: Settings, position and size was not saved - fixed!
  • ScriptEditor: Does not warn about a modificated file when closing with several tabs open - fixed!
  • ScriptEditor: Memorize last template path.
  • SignalView: The signal ruler was limited to 1Mbps instead of 20Mbps when using a MSB-RS485-PLUS - fixed!
  • SwitchEditor: Clear last input when chose 9-bit expert mode to avoid sending invalid sequences.
  • General: New program icons for all views.
  • Lua: Module path does not work when path contains non ASCII characters (like German Umlaute) - fixed!

Version 5.0.9

16 March 2021

  • DataView: Lua sometimes returns nil when accessing a data B byte near the end when more data A followed - fixed!
  • DataView: Add a Lua debug output window to print debug information from within Lua.
  • DataView: Fix bug in Lua checksum validator dialog with 9-bit data sequences.
  • DataView: Add a new info-dialog realized as a Lua dialog output.
  • SwitchEditor: Add Expert-9-Bit input mode to inject 9 bit data sequences with specified delays in bit clocks.
  • ProtocolView: record.analyzer() and record.signalnames() (Lua record modul) don't work - corrected!
  • ProtocolView: Validate header length in DNP3 template.
  • Manual: Rework trouble-shooting chapters for Windows and Linux and further little corrections.

Version 5.0.8

1 February 2021

  • Control Program: To fix unintentionally swapped data lines the MSB-RS485-PLUS analyzer now let you invert the signal in the record settings dialog.
  • The termination of CH3 and CH4 via software does not work properly - fixed!
  • The settings and the help dialog are partly displayed outside the visible screen (only Windows) - this is corrected!
  • DataView: The view now remembers its last cursor position when doubled (cloned) or when saved as default settings.
  • General: Correction of some minor German translation errors in the tool tips.

Version 5.0.7

12 January 2021

  • General: Protocol templates were not updated when installing a new version to keep user modifications. Now all Lua script files (templates and others) are organized depending on the program version. An update gives the user always the newest script files without loosing own modifications.
  • DataView: Click start/end in bookmark (region) dialog does not update the data display - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: Optional bold captions in telegram boxes for better reading.
  • Command Line API: msb_split gets a new parameter to keep only a given number of the latest record files to limit the usage of disc space with long time recordings.

Version 5.0.6

2 December 2020

  • Control Program: Loading a record overwrites the default settings - fixed!
  • Control Program: Add a new --fifo-size parameter to increase the data input buffer for bus systems with very high bit rates and data load.
  • ProtocolView: Current font size was lost when change the settings in the settings dialog - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: The program does not restore modified font settings. This is corrected. The background color also was not restored properly. This was corrected too.
  • SignalView: Home button only works with zoomed signal - fixed!
  • SignalView: Time base goes lost (reset) when start or load a new record - corrected!
  • SignalView: Dark theme is now default theme (for a better readability).
  • SwitchEditor: Add drawing to invers the TxD and RxD signal inputs.
  • msb_trigger tool: Shows Lua script errors when called with --debug parameter.
  • Manual: Update pictures in the switch editor and event monitor chapters and add some missing descriptions (display of frame, parity and break error in the DataView and Signal alternation in the EventView).
  • Manual: Add description of a white status LED (only MSB-RS485-PLUS)

Version 5.0.5

31 August 2020

  • Version 5.0.x does not detect older MSB-RS232 analyzers. This is fixed!

Version 5.0.4

6 August 2020

  • The analyzer stopped working when recording a bus with very high transmission rates (beyond 1 MBps). This was fixed!
  • Erroneous spike display due to processing time variations removed!
  • Segment mode: Direction detection optimized
  • Command Line API: The msb_record program does not recognize the new MSB-RS485-PLUS analyzer and the record shows wrong timestamps afterwards. The maximum baud rate was limited to 1MBps instead of 20MBps - both bugs were corrected!

Version 5.0.3

27 July 2020

  • The segment mode of the new analyzer MSB-RS485-PLUS did not work properly when analysing transmissions with low baud rates. This was corrected!

Version 5.0.2

8 July 2020

  • Sometimes the analyzer firmware transfer fails. The software reports a 'Firmware loader error' and all LEDs of the analyzer starting to blink red. This is fixed!

Version 5.0.1

25 June 2020

First version supporting the new analyzer MSB-RS485-PLUS with 200MHz sampling rate and a time time resolution of now 10ns (100 times better than the former MSB-RS485).

Version 5.0.1 comes with a completely rewritten session management and a new stand alone Lua script editor for scripting templates, DataView scripts, trigger scripts and own Lua modules (for reuse in all your scripts). The new editor integrates its own Lua interpreter and allows to evaluate individual Lua code (selected lines or whole scripts) in a special sketch buffer. A code wizard provides you with code templates for all kind of Lua scripts. The editor does further allow the definition of own key words to highlight e.g. special protocol terms.

Several views have beed revised to improve the usability and a new bookmark dialog replaces the old region view.

  • General: Support of the new analyzer MSB-RS485-PLUS
  • General: Internal time resolution of 1ns (real resolution depends on the connected analyzer type).
  • General: Direct access of FTDI chip for better performance.
  • General: Complete new session management including a push-pin button to easily store individual view settings.
  • General: A new bookmark dialog replaces the old region view.
  • General: A completely new Lua chapter covering the Lua langauge in general and a new chapter explaining the Lua analyzer extensions.
  • Control Program: Example projects for many protocol transmissions, easily selectable from the file menu.
  • Control Program: Switchable bus terminators in the settings dialog (only MSB-RS485-PLUS).
  • DataView: Reworked Lua script support allows individual dialogs to calculate checksums, number converters and more depending on the cursor position or selected data.
  • DataView: Shows all bytes belonging to a clicked telegram in the ProtocolView.
  • DataView: Any colours in the colour rule dialog.
  • DataView: Delay when accessing a data address in a very huge record - fixed!
  • DataView: Support of own written Lua modules.
  • ProtocolView: Add support of P-NET and IEC60870-5-103.
  • ProtocolView: Number of allowed lines in the telegram display is now configurable between 1 and 4.
  • ProtocolView: Global set of the box background by the caption name.
  • ProtocolView: The following modules have been renamed: bit to bit32, protocol to transmission
  • ProtocolView: Support of own written Lua modules.
  • SignalView: Completetly reworked! An new signal control on the left side of each signal allows the change of the signal colour, display of the data frames, signal inverting and visibility by just one click. The signal order is now managed via drag and drop.
  • SignalView: Improved colours via colour themes (classic and dark theme).
  • SignalView: Improved settings dialog.

Version 4.6.8

23 December 2019

  • ProtocolView: Filter was not reseted after script modification - fixed!
  • Regions: Active/Visible properties were not loaded from a record file - fixed!
  • SignalViews: Signal (data frame) ruler overwrotes valid screean are when the signal was zoomed very high - fixed!
  • SignalView: Signal ruler settings are reseted to the default settings when zooming the signal - fixed!
  • SignalView: Signal ruler was not reseted when loading a new record - fixed!
  • General: New analyzer firmware fixes a negative time distance when two or more analyzers are synced together.
  • General: Fix broken PDF Viewer with empty or invalid project file
  • General: Add missing milliseconds in several export formats.
  • General: Synchronisation between equal event types sometimes hits the former event - fixed!

Version 4.6.7

14 August 2019

  • Control Program: Set parity to none when selecting 9 data bits in connection dialog.
  • Control Program: Better handling of corrupted or invalid project and record files.
  • ProtocolView: Filter control didn't accept inputs/selections since version 4.6.5 - fixed!

Version 4.6.6

19 July 2019

  • DataView: The current view section (address) and cursor positions are now restored when cloning or reopen the data window.
  • EventView: The current cursor is now restored when cloning or reopen the data window.
  • SignalView: Current signal and cursor positions were not restored when cloning the actual window - fixed!
  • SignalView: Cursor mode (single or linked) is now restored when reopen or clone the signal window.

Version 4.6.5

12 July 2019

  • ProtocolView: New goto telegram number dialog
  • ProtocolView: New function debug.clear() function for extended protocol output like individual network statistics or scans.
  • ProtocolView: Base16 module is now accessable from within the split() function.
  • ProtocolView: Global template script variables were not reset when loading a new record - fixed!
  • SignalView: Interlaced cursors lost distance when moved out of the visible range - fixed!
  • msb_trigger tool: Add Lua string.dump{} function
  • General: Show record file name in all window frames.
  • Manual: Correct Lua bunpack format specifier for signed and unsigned 32-bit conversions.

Version 4.6.4

10 April 2019

  • Control Program: Protocol scanner with improved data frame and baud rate detection. Fix ignored channel selection for protocol scanner.
  • ProtocolView: New! Passing the filter control selection to the out() function let you vary the display depending on the filter input.
  • ProtocolView: Increasing memory consumption by not freed Lua parameter stack - fixed!
  • SignalView: Frame ruler dialog allows parity setup with 9 data bits - fixed!
  • SignalView: Superimposed data frame doesn't match the data signal - fixed!
  • SignalView: Frame ruler is not setup proberly when loading a new record - fixed!
  • msb_filter tool: Remove line state information when not explicitly specified via parameter.
  • msb_trigger tool: Increasing memory consumption by not freed Lua parameter stack - fixed!
  • msb_trigger tool: New! Support of multiple triggering.
  • Common: Program/Mime icons with higher resolution
  • Manual: Correkt broken internal links/references.
  • Manual: Add missing descriptions for the data frame ruler in the SignalView.
  • Manual: Add descriptions how to reset the Switch Option
  • Manual: Describe the new multi-trigger feature in the msb_trigger tool.
  • Manual: Add some missing Lua module descriptions in the Protocol View and msb_trigger chapter.
  • Protocol Templates: Fix GetSAP() bug in Profibus template.
  • Protocol Templates: Better detection of the direction in 2-Wire Tapping for Modbus RTU to avoid incorrect telegram assignments (wrong sender).
  • Common: Update internal PDF viewer SumatraPDF to 3.1.2

Version 4.6.3

22 January 2019

  • ProtocolView did not always mark the correct telegram when synchronized by another view - fixed!
  • EventView cursor takes desktop theme into account
  • Improved event icon handling in EventView

Version 4.6.2

13 December 2018

  • Trying to open a view (like SignalView, DataView) causes an error like: 'Cannot open memory mapped file'. This only happens by a not running or cleared Windows Event Logger and was fixed!
  • Improved BACnet and DF1 Template
  • Improve and add checksum module descriptions to the manual
  • Add description of Lua cfg (config) module in the manual

Version 4.6.1

5 November 2018

  • Common Linux: Fix dependencies of libpng12 and libjpeg62.
  • Command Line API: Add missing description of parameter msb_split --dir (specify another directory for the split output files).

Version 4.6.0

22 June 2017

  • Command Line API: The new msb_trigger tool adds the ability to trigger a record by specific conditions.
  • DataView: The search mechanis now supports 9-bit values. This is especially important when analyzing 9-bit protocols like MDB/IPC.

Version 4.4.11

4 May 2017

  • ProtocolView: A new linestates module provides support for protocols using line states as a frame delimiter. E.g. protocols using the change of RTS/CTS to specify the start/end of a telegram frame.
  • ProtocolView: The event modul returns the line states as an inverted value - fixed!
  • EventView: Only Linux! The EventView doesn't react anymore when the LevelFinder finds a specified line alternation - fixed!

Version 4.4.10

22 March 2017

  • Command Line API: msb_record - Add missing parameter to switch on logic mode.

Version 4.4.9

9 March 2017

  • ProtocolView: New protocol templates and example projects for Allen Bradley DF-1, SAE-J1587 and SAE-J1922. Including checksum validation.
  • ProtocolView: New Modbus-RTU/ASCII protocol template with improved request/response detection (both, normal tapping and segment mode).
  • ProtocolView: A marked event (returning MARKED) results in a wrong split when the data direction changes. This only occurred in rare cases and is fixed!
  • SwitchEditor: Better information handling of the remaining trials.
  • SwitchEditor: Add a log window reporting the current action.
  • SwitchEditor: Improved undo/redo, a new veto dialog warns about unsaved changes in the current circuit.
  • SwitchEditor: Minor bugfixes (reset internal switch circuit to 1:1 line forwarding at program start, show modified circuit state in window frame and more).
  • Command Line API: Fix not working DATETIME_SUFFIX in config file.
  • Command Line API: Fix bug in individual date/time format specifier in msb_format. (According example in manual didn't work - solved!)
  • Command Line API: Add missing description for date/time format specifier %x and %X in the manual. Also added: A hint about using the date/time specifiers in Windows batch files.

Version 4.4.8

3 February 2017

  • DataView: The progress bar in the find dialog sometimes displayed a wrong state according to the actual find/search position - fixed!

Version 4.4.7

17 January 2017

  • ProtocolView: A return state of STARTED+COMPLETED doesn't include a stored MARKED position. This becomes especially important when detecting two byte sequences like DLE ACK or DLE NAK as used in Allen Bradley DF1 protocols - solved!
  • ProtocolView: The event function IsBreak did return a wrong false condition - fixed!
  • ProtocolView: The telegram duration in idle time based protocols like Modbus RTU was miscalculated - fixed!

Version 4.4.6

18 October 2016

  • General: Fix event timestamp overrun after 407 days. (This bug only occurs when recording for more than 407 days!)
  • ProtocolView: Fix wrong displayed telegram duration for time based protocols like Modbus RTU causing also a wrong displayed time distance to the former telegram.
  • SwitchEditor: Only Linux! Invers color view of selection area - fixed!

Version 4.4.5

25 July 2016

  • General: Fix 'Memory mapped file' error caused by non ASCII characters in user account name (e.g. Umlaute).
  • General: Fix not correctly set AUX IO pull-up in the MSB-RS485 settings dialog.
  • General: Installation under Windows as a normal user doesn't add the installation directory to PATH - fixed!
  • General: Program path wasn't add to the PATH environment variable under Linux - corrected!
  • Control Program: Parameter -e forces a clear new session.
  • ProtocolView: Add new function IsBreak() to check if a byte is a real break.
  • ProtocolView: A returning result of STARTED+MARKED wasn't correctly handled - fixed!
  • EventView: Display number of selected events or events between timemarker and cursor position in statusbar.

Version 4.3.5

19 February 2016

  • ProtocolView: Correct wrong calculated byte pause (i.e. in Modbus-RTU template) caused by last bugfix in 4.3.4.

Version 4.3.4

5 January 2016

  • ProtocolView: Fix wrong calculated byte pause (always calculated with 8 data bits).
  • ProtocolView: Add new telegram:datatime function to query the timestamp of any byte in between a telegram sequence.
  • DataView: Better default values in the search dialog for delays and time gaps.

Version 4.3.3

10 December 2015

  • Regions: Defined regions were not stored in the record file and were lost when reloading a record/project file - fixed!
  • General: Missing views after reloading a project - solved!
  • General: Temporary files were not always removed properly when closing the session - fixed!
  • General: Improved code for smaller size and increased speed.
  • General: Add missing German translations.
  • Control Program: The protocol scan dialog issues a missing image handler (4.3.2) - fixed!

Version 4.2.3

30 October 2015

  • General: Reduced size and increased startup speed of all executables by removing unnecessary code and libraries.
  • General: Add missing German translations.
  • ProtocolView: Doesn't always show the last telegram in autoscroll mode - fixed!

Version 4.2.2

6 October 2015

  • ProtocolView: Correct faulty export dialog file extension handling. Remember the last selected file.
  • ProtocolView: Fix bug in Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII templates (wrong display of Write Multiple Coils function).
  • Control Program: An already made record could be stored with different settings afterwards. This is fixed!
  • Control Program: A modificated offline parameter let you preset the analyzer type (MSB-RS232 or MSB-RS485) in offline mode.
  • Store the type of the recording device (analyzer type) in the record file (this was missed).

Version 4.2.1

31 July 2015

  • SwitchEditor: A new Expert data injection mode let you specify certain time delays between two consecutive bytes of a telegram. This becomes important when simulating errors with time ctritical protocols like Modbus RTU and Profibus.
  • SwitchEditor: The analyzer stops working after injecting a certain data sequence and the analyzer box has to reconnected - this was solved!
  • SwitchEditor: The tapping of the signal lines doens't always operate like selected in the settings dialog - solved!
  • SwitchEditor: Better documented and partly rewritten schematic examples.

Version 4.2.0

3 July 2015

  • ProtocolView: Improved templates for 3964, 3964R and USS. New protocol support of SMA-NET transmissions.
  • ProtocolView: New telegram export types: The Latex export let you easily insert a single or a range of telegrams in your latex documentation with all color information as a tabular environment. An additional special text export comes into handy when you have to document a communication in raw text applications or when you need an easier way to process telegram data compared to the CSV export.
  • ProtocolView: Memorize last settings in export dialog (selected telegram fields and export file name).
  • ProtocolView: Export dialog with switches to exclude empty and/or incomplete telegrams from export.
  • SwitchEditor: Improved element selection via mouse (span region).
  • SwitchEditor: Fix wrong drawing mode after loading a new schematic.
  • Manuals: Minor bug fixes and description of new functionalities.
  • Manuals: Using the default PDF viewer under Linux (Evince, Okular) if available when opening the help within the program.

Version 4.1.11

26 February 2015

  • ProtocolView: A new record.buswiring() function let you query the currently used bus wiring (MSB-RS485) in protocol templates.
  • ProtocolView: Improved protocol templates for 3964R and USS.
  • Command Line API: Suppress creation of empty file copies when splitting records in time intervals in conjunction with a date/time file naming.
  • Command Line API: Fix missing prefix when using a date/time file naming for the splitting files.

Version 4.1.10

5 December 2014

  • ProtocolView: New support of BACnet protocol including an internal BACnet checksum module.
  • ProtocolView: New ability to fold/expand single code blocks in the protocol template editor. I.e. to fold every functions into a single line to improve the navigation through large templates.
  • ProtocolView: A random telegram access replaces the former and limited access to only the current and previous telegram. It's now possible to iterate through all prior received telegrams and evaluate their content.
  • ProtocolView: The Lua bpack/bunpack function replaces the hex module and provides a far more convenient conversion of any byte sequence into a specific number format.
  • ProtocolView: A new telegram and string dump function let you display the telegram or any string content as a list of hex/dec values.
  • ProtocolView: A new base16 module provides an easy handling of telegram data coded in a base16 (Hex ASCII) format, i.e. used in Modbus ASCII or SRecord.
  • ProtocolView: Add a find/replace dialog to the template editor.
  • ProtocolView: A new settings dialog with a Lua legacy flag let you switch on/off the compatibility with older template code and helps you to adapt your own code to the new telegram access functionality.
  • CSV Export: Complete reworked CSV export mechanism in the EventView and in msb_format tool. Both are now able to generate the same CSV output.
  • EventView: The list of selected export items in the EventView is now stored between sessions.
  • Command Line API: Additional format specifiers in the msb_format tool let you output some missing information like the line alteration or time distance between events. Also new: Consideration of individual signal names.
  • Command Line API: Supports synchronous recordings with two and more analyzers.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.0.10

8 October 2014

  • New!
    A completely redesigned and rewritten Protocol View. Equipped with a Lua script engine the ProtocolView is now able to parse almost all thinkable protocols. A new box model combined with Lua allows the user to format and summarize the telegram output in an extremely wide range.

    The new ProtocolView comes with predefined templates for Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Profibus and others. More are in preparation.

  • Command Line API: The settings for the auxiliary digital IO1/2 and the bus wiring (only MSB-RS485) were not transmitted to the connected analyzer - fixed.
  • Command Line API: The AUXIO2 parameter in the config file wasn't read correctly - solved!
  • Command Line API: Add missing support for the new AUX IO 'Input with pull-up'.
  • Command Line API: Correct the wrong default format specifier in the config file which caused an 'I' output instead of the wanted info line.
  • EventView: The exported columns and the export file in the export dialog are now stored between sessions.

Version 4.0.9

9 August 2014

  • Command Line API: Fix not working output format value in config file (FORMAT=format-specifer).
  • Command Line API: Analyzer serial number value SERIALNO wasn't used - fixed!
  • Command Line API: Output file value in config file was ignored. This is solved!

Version 4.0.8

23 July 2014

  • Uniform short-keys to close dialogs and programs (views).
  • Fix not working or only after click into a dialog working ESC and F1 (help) keys.
  • Direct access of the region view from within the control program (view menu).
  • The progress gauge wasn't updated correctly during a search in the event view finder dialog - fixed.
  • The debug output window short key (ProtocolView) was intercepted by certain Linux window manager. Solved with a new and unused key combination.
  • The shown marker distance in the EventView wasn't updated after an external synchronisation - solved.
  • Fix horizontal scrollbar range calculation when shrinking a column in an already right shifted window (EventView).
  • Fix lost time base in SignalView when starting a new record.
  • The amplitude slider in the SignalView didn't react to clicks left and right of the thumb track - fixed.
  • The EventView now keeps the last view offset.
  • Fix a sometimes wrongly placed ruler label in the SignalView.
  • SignalView with an easier to read data byte and error information (both shown on the signal bottom and independent of the amplitude).
  • SignalView displays frame ruler now always in the lower quarter to avoid hiding the invalid line state.
  • The SignalView now keeps the current signal amplitude.
  • Modbus RTU template supports error frames with data payload.
  • The protocol template mechanism uses an independent Lua interpreter for every data direction. The till now undocumented shared module let you share variables between both of them.
  • The ProtocolView template engine now supports also protocols with telegram start sequences of several bytes (like DNP3).
  • Add DNP3 protocol template including CRC16 checksum validation.
  • The signal line states before the first event occurs were not always correct. This is solved.
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the SignalView wasn't updated when an external synchronize signal arrived - fixed.
  • SignalView with a complete new frame test (signal ruler) handling. The new ruler adapts the current protocol settings (baudrate, data bits, parity) automatically but can also modified to any other setup. Additional min/max buttons makes the measurement of the protocol specification limits even easier.
  • MSB-RS485 with an additional AUX IO setting (use IO1/2 as input with pull-up).
  • SignalView with improved navigation via short-keys (HOME jumps to the first, END to the last event). Also corrected: The mouse wheel behaviour when pressing CTRL, SHIFT, PLUS and MINUS.
  • The internal online help PDF viewer doesn't work when started an analyzer project or record via double-click (only windows) - solved!

Version 4.0.7

9 May 2014

  • Error 'Cannot open memory mapped file' solved!
    This error was caused by a modifcated system time during a long record (i.e. automatic time synchronisation). As a result a new view couldn't open anymore.

Version 4.0.6

6 May 2014

  • Installer with Windows WHQL certified driver for Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Improved Modbus ASCII and RTU protocol templates including new record examples.
  • Add protocol templates for USS, 3964R and IEC60870-5-101.

Version 4.0.5

14 April 2014

  • The DataView sometimes displays an empty view after switching from selection A+B to A or B when running in autoscroll mode. This is fixed!
  • Correct wrong display of Data A/B assignment in the control programs bus wire setup dialog (only MSB-RS485).
  • Add a new program parameter to the control program which outputs the analyzer detecting details. Useful when the analyzer device isn't found.
  • The signal view is now able to use the full width of a double screen solution with two 1920x1200 monitors.

Version 4.0.4

21 February 2014

  • ProtocolView (Windows version): The vertical and horizontal scrolling worked only via mouse wheel or pulling the thumb bar. This is fixed!
  • The protocol templates wasn't always applied to the recorded data after modifying the split(...) function - solved!
  • Correct the wrong description of the intval parameter in the ProtocolView chapter (micro seconds instead of seconds).
  • msb_record used nearly 100% CPU power. This was corrected. The average CPU consumption is now less than 20% and is adaptable via program parameter.

Version 4.0.3

28 January 2014

  • Extend the ProtocolView event modul with a isbreak() function to support also telegrams starting with a break.
  • The program doesn't load project files any longer. The reason was a not longer supported old project file format and is now solved!
  • PDF online help wasn't shown when pressing F1 in the Protocol View or clicking the help button in the ProtocolView settings dialog - fixed!

Version 4.0.2

15 January 2014

  • Fix not shown very first telegram in the ProtocolView when using the alter (alter direction) parameter exclusively as a splitting rule.

Version 4.0.1

5 November 2013

  • Fix not working alter parameter in the split function of the ProtocolView.

Version 4.0.0

2 October 2013

  • A new event module offers additional telegram information in the split function (direction, line states, telegram time).
  • The key 'm' pressed in the template editor opened the template manager. This is fixed!
  • The split intval parameter now considers the telegram source and reflects the distance between two telegrams of the same source.
  • Fix wrong EOS character in the EosWithLF template.
  • Finish the German translation of the ProtocolView chapter.
  • In ProtocolView: Add missing synchronisation between two parallel running sessions.