The perfect combination of sophisticated hardware and software analysis

An essential tool

for analysis and optimizing of all RS232 and RS422/485 field-bus connections. It gathers exact information about every line change with up to 10 nanosecond precision – indispensable for each analysis of time depending protocols like Modbus RTU, Profibus or similiar. Read more about the Special Analyzer Design!

OSI layer support

  • Concurrent analysis from the phys­ical tri-state signal to the top-most levels.
  • All layers are only a click away. Check the data signal behind a telegram or measure the time between bits, bytes or sequences.
  • Synchronize the display of differ­ent layers. Let the tri-state view follow the data or telegrams and vice versa.

More than one protocol ›

Using a powerful protocol template script engine the analyzer is able to parse all thinkable fieldbus protocols. And together with an unique box model it allows the user to format and summarize the telegram output in an extremely wide range. Read more...

The unerring eye

into your transmission.

  • OS independent time resolution of 10ns
  • Detects invalid/undriven signal levels
  • Shows the correct time relation­ship between all lines
  • Tri-State display of the data signal
  • Automatic detection of the data direction

Prepared for the unexpected

  • Baud rate and data format recognition
  • Supports any baud rate up to 20 MBaud
  • 9 data bits protocol support
  • Analysis of synchronous transmissions
  • Detects breaks, frame and parity errors
  • Individual protocols by Lua templates
  • Supports logic signal levels
  • Program versions for


Autonoum USB device

  • Powered and controlled via PC/USB
  • Signal/data processing in hardware
  • Easy adaptable to various bus systems
  • PC independent timestamps on bit level
  • Updatable and maintained firmware
  • OSI level real-time data access by PC
  • Several analyzer synchronizable
  • Supported by Windows and Linux

Screenshots ›

Pictures say more than words!

Curious how working with the analyzer looks like?

Our screenshot page provides you with several themes around field-bus and protocol analysis and what you can expect from our analysers.

Learn more

The leaflets

You are in a hurry or don't want to scroll further through our website. The PDF leaflets covers all you need to know:

  • Technical specifications
  • Requiremenst & OS Support
  • Software design & philosophy
  • How the analyzer works
  • The world-wide unique features
  • Supported protocols - there are many
  • Variants & prices

RS232 Analyzer Features ›

Processing of logic signal levels, optional interactive switching, inverting, rerouting off all signal in- and outputs

RS485 Analyzer Features ›

Detection of data direction also with half-duplex (2-wire) systems, bus splitting for separate watching of certain bus participants

We are available also in a suitcase ›

Don't miss anything when you are going to analyse RS232 or RS485 connections! All necessary tools in a small case and with a special price!


FPGA powered signal processing

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