One Analyzer - Many Bus Systems

An innovative concept for various bus connections

One Analyzer - Many Bus Systems

An innovative concept for various bus connections

Versatile and flexible by

Half+Full Duplex Connections

Supports EIA-422 point to point incl. handshake, EIA-485 2-Wire (half duplex) and 4-Wirew (full duplex) connections.

Data direction detection

Detection of data direction also with half-duplex (2-wire) systems, bus splitting for separate watching of certain bus participants.

Digital auxiliary IO

Output of the bus state (direction, validity) for instance as a scope trigger, recording of external logic signals.

Parallel Bus Tapping

The analyzer is simply connected to the bus at any point. By its two variable operating data decorders it can analyse full duplex bus systems as also two independent half duplex connections, e.g. systems with redundant design.

Segment Analysis

The analyzer is inserted into the bus as works as a router between any two bus segments. The data flowing through it are collected with their direction and clearly assigned to the corresponding segment. An invaluable aid when analysing protocols without direction information.

Discover the diversity

Just select your prefered bus connection when starting a record. The only thing you have to do is to connect your analyzer with your bus according your settings.

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2 digital IO Ports

2 digital IO Ports

The Analyzer provides two additional digital IO-channels which can be optionally used as auxiliary inputs for recording of logic signals (either with internal pull-up or pull down) or as outputs for indication of status information like the bus data direction as well as bus validity.