Open Source

Version 1.0

Automatic check sum generating for Modbus ASCII and RTU protocol extends the range of applicability.

Linux version with Unicode. Error messages caused by not installed language components are now a thing of the past.

wxTerminal comes with Multi-language support (EN/DE) and a detailed manual in german and english language.

Simplest installation by a new setup program. Also avaliable for Linux: DEB packages.

Speak RS232/RS485 and GPIB

wxTerminal is a program to communicate over RS232, RS485 or GPIB (IEEE488) and is of use mainly for testing purposes in the automation industry.

wxTerminal was originally designed as a simple test and diagnosis tool for communi­cation via RS232 and now also supports the communication via Modbus and GPIB (IEEE488), a GPIB PCI board from National Instruments or compatible presumed.

Read the Flyer   or manual   for more informations.

Various in/outputs

The input and output can be varied manifold. Sending of command strings or single bytes, display of the answers in ASCII or as hex dump. For the latter single or connected bytes can be colored individually (e.g. to make special sequences visible).

Depending on the connected interface RS232 or GPIB, all relevant interface conditions as the status of the RS232 lines or the condition lines of the GPIB controller is displayed in detail.

General Features

RS232 and GPIB (IEEE488) compatible
wxTerminal can send and receive in Hex or Ascii . By this even non displayable characters can be send.
Sending of files, storing of the received data (logging)
Freely definable coloring of the received data in hex mode, e.g. for marking of control sequences.
Saves all settings automatically.

RS232 and RS485 Features

RS232: Display of the line levels.
RS232: Set/Reset of the RTS and DTR lines at the push of a button (Simulation/Test of the RTS/CTS protocol).
Support of non-standard baudrates with USB232CONV   or ISO232   or ISO485  
RTS/CTS and Xon/Xoff Handshake.
Send of Break with a single click.

GPIB Features

GPIB: Display of the controller state, device state, line state and GPIB error state.
GPIB: Reading of the receive data automatically or on request, e.g. to test the behaviour of the device site (MAV Bit, Serial Poll etc.).
Simplest reset of the addressed device with a single click (Device Clear Command).


wxTerminal showcase


wxTerminal is Open Source, the sources, all necessary libraries and precompiled packages can be found on our download page  

You can copy, modify or pass the program to someone other!

wxTermnial is covered by the wxWidgets licence and could be used freely, even in commercial applications. Read licence  


wxTerminal runs under Linux and all Windows systems. The program doesn't need any further DLLs or Libs on Windows. On Linux all necessary libs are part of the used distribution.

The GPIB support ist integrated (only windows). If you have a GPIB board from National Instruments or compatible you can use wxTerminal for communicating over GPIB, else you are limited to RS232 communication.